Keynote Speaker:

Rhonda Gray

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Rhonda is the daughter of a pastor, the wife of a pastor, a mother of pastors, and has recently become a licensed minister herself. She and her husband currently pastor Highway Tabernacle in Youngstown. She regularly teaches a ladies group at her church and loves to help women to find their identity in Christ. She is madly in love with God and his Word and longs to see the whole world know Him.

 Breakout Session Leaders

Rachel Wallace

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Rachel is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God and as well as a retreatcand event speaker. She loves sharing God’s Word to build up and encourage


This session is called "Courage Under Fire." Do you want to be the woman that trusts God completely even when He is silent? Are you steadfast and stouthearted even when He arranges, allows or asks you to do something that makes no sense and is painful? Are you courageous in the fires of life?

L.B.Cowman said, "God often has to burn lessons into the depths of our being, using the fires of prolonged pain, yet He knows the specific amount of time that will be needed. Like a true goldsmith, God stops the fire the moment He sees His image in the glowing metal.

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Summer Skodacek 

Summer is a wife, mom to three boys and a Nurse chasing after God’s will daily with large doses of grace and coffee.


She will be sharing her own personal testimony on how God showed her just how important women, and the gifts entrusted to us, are in His kingdom and what that means for you.

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Sandy Hentzel

Sandy is a wife, mother, and full time home health occupational therapy assistant.  She has been married to her husband, Chris, for 15 years and they have three wonderful children together.  She is a prayer warrior and has a desire to encourage women as they walk out their faith.  

In this session, Sandy will be leading an interactive discussion on the Entrusted treasures God has given different women throughout the Bible.  Come ready to discuss how we can follow their examples in our own lives.

Gwendolyn Mitchell


Gwen serves as the discipleship and ministry coach at Liberty Assembly of God alongside her husband, Patrick, who is the Lead Pastor.  They have three beautiful children.  She enjoys games and traveling with her family. She is always up for an adventure. 

Gwen will be leading an encouraging breakout session for women of all ages.