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What we do at Liberty

How Do I get involved at Liberty AG?

We believe that it is God's plan for each and every one of us to be connected to a local church. We love to help people get connected and involved in the life of our church. We help you get connected in three ways:




We challenge people to place their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. We believe that faith in Jesus is where everything else comes from.

Step 1: Attend

The first step to getting involved here at Liberty Assembly is to attend one of our weekend services. Each Sunday we gather for worship at 10:30 am. We have separate classes for ages birth-5th grade that are led by screened and trained volunteers who love to serve families!

Step 2: Connect

The next step for you and your family, after attending a service or two, would be to connect with the pastors and their families, as well as a couple of people from church at our Welcome 2 Liberty Reception. This reception takes place each month on the last Sunday right before service.


We challenge people to discover true, biblical relationship with God and with each other. We believe that a relationship with God is best lived out in relationship with others.

Step 3: Grow

If you've been attending for a little while and you've connected through one our receptions, your next step is to grow in your relationship with God and with others. We do that through small groups. We challenge each and every attender of our church to grow in community in a small group.

How to find a Small Group (Coming Soon!)
Step 4: Serve

We believe as people grow in their relationship with God and others, they will move from receiving to giving. So the next step to take would be to get involved in serving with one of our teams. We have teams that serve everything from the weekend service to food pantry, community outreach, and much more!

Find a Serve Team (Coming Soon!)

We challenge people to find out what their unique giftedness is, how God created them and what He has called them to do. We believe that because we are being changed from the inside out, our lives will move from living for ourselves to living to serve others.

Step 5: Partner

We love to be able to partner with people in their journey with Christ, as we love to have people partner with us as we build leaders in our community and our world! Partnership (membership) is how we accomplish this goal! Your next step is to explore partnership by attending our Move Into Liberty Course, a six week course that takes place on Sunday afternoons.

Our Next Move Into Liberty Course
Step 6: Lead

Our mission is to develop followers of Jesus into leaders who reach their communities and their world. Becoming a servant leader here at Liberty and in your community is the calling of every follower of Jesus. We want to help you discover your leadership and how to deploy it in every area of life!

Get Involved in Leadership