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STEP #2: Discover

What we do at Liberty

Have you made your way through Growth Track step #1 and you're ready for step #2?

If you're ready to begin our GROWTH TRACK STEP #2, then it's time to register for our 8 session short course DISCOVER LIBERTY.

Details about Discover Liberty Short Course can be found below, but if you're ready to register then click the link to get started... 

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Step #2: Discover Liberty Short Course
Step #2: Discover

We want to help those who have deposited their lives in Christ to DISCOVER who they are and how Jesus has uniquely gifted them to serve.

Our Discover Liberty Short Course is an 8-session group designed to assist you in discovering what it means to be a part of the body of Christ, and how God has uniquely equipped you to love and serve others!


Our faith in Christ was not something that was meant to be lived alone, but we were meant to live in a community of like-minded followers of Jesus.

In our first session we talk about the importance of living out our relationship with Jesus in a community of people who are following Him just like we are.

At the end of this session we will help you connect to a small group right here at Liberty AG.


At Liberty AG we believe that God has given us a mission as a body of believers. That mission is "to develop followers of Jesus into leaders who reach their communities and their world."

In these sessions we talk about the mission we have been given and the values that keep us on track to accomplish the mission.

To learn more about what our mission and core values are you can read them by clicking here.


God has uniquely created and gifted each person to be an important part of His church. No two people are the same in their gifts and personalities and we want to help equip each person to discover how God has uniquely designed them.

During this session we will use a couple of helpful tools that we benefit each person as they discover who God has made them to be!


The body of Christ is called to serve one another and the world in which it finds itself. That is the role of ministry in the church.

In this session, following an understanding of the unique gifts and personalities of each person, we will help you discover how to use the gifts God has given you and help connect you ministries that are happening in the church, the community and the world.

When you've had the opportunity to complete step #2 of our GROWTH TRACK then you're ready to begin step #3: DEVELOP!
Step #3: DEVELOP