Light for the Lost


What is Light for the Lost?

The gospel of Jesus needs to reach every person on earth. John 4:35 says, “Look at the fields, they are ripe for harvest.”

Light for the Lost helps share the gospel worldwide--no matter the language, culture or location--by providing critically-needed evangelism resources such as:

  • Printed literature, Bibles and tracts

  • Audio devices and language-specific programs

  • Video presentations, programs and films

  • Internet-based and -compatible content

  • Technologies (like apps) created in local heart languages

We are honored to work alongside a team of directors from 62 Assemblies of God districts and networks to raise funds designated for approved evangelism-related ministry. All Light for the Lost assistance must be used to provide resources directly related to evangelism. This is our single guiding principle.

How can my church help?

Your church can help with Light for the Lost by making an annual commitment to give resources to fund what God is doing through these projects.

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